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Kerollos Ashraf

Alex WEB

Project Manager

$1,000 minimum



Kerollos is available for projects.

About me

I am a Project Manager who has worked with all kind of enviroments. I've handled Windows and Linux servers and all web devleopment platforms including CMS and ERP systems. I have experience as a web developer as well, so i can handle a projects from scratch. This includes anything from installing a server to publishing to the end users. This means that you are not limited to blog, ERP, CMS systems or even a simple portfolio. I have also worked closely with web security and firewalls, so I can efficiently handle all of your security needs. I take my reputation seriously, so I handle every customer with the utmost respect, I value your time and do my best to reply promptly and accurately. I am friendly, patient and reliable, so feel free to reach out for an estimate!

Languages: English

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