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Richard Sanders

No Such Syndicate Publishing, LLC

Media Publisher & Attorney (Pro Bono)

Salt Lake City

Richard is available for projects.

About me

Captain of my own destiny; I might be sailing straight into doom, but get the hell away from that helm--that's mine! I don't claim to know the best, but for myself I would rather face challenges and adversity (when needed) than not, if the difference is living freely and not just living. Two things I value, 1. My word (oath/vow/honor) when given and 2. People. I love people. All treasurer memories always include other people. Alone... It feels somehow wasteful. Anyway, 31, divorced, no children, and presently lost in the stormy gray tempest clouds of the unknown future--and embracing the adventure instead of letting primal intuitive fear govern me. "I say, may I never be complete. I say, may I never be content."

Languages: English, Português

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