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Brianna Moody

Onyx Business Club

Cultivating the Architectural Aspects In Supporting Small Business and Entrepreneurs Expressing Profess Rigor Within Our Afro-American Communities Nationwide.

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United States

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About me

*A Black-Owned Business Concierge* Onyx Business Club: CEO| Founder|Entrepreneur|Visionary   We Provide: *Business And Personal Development Concierge Products And Sevices/Memberships To Small Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Professing Express Rigor With The Afro-American Communities Nationwide*  The Culture: We Are Passionate, Driven Entrepreneurs And Visionaries With a Nurturing Career In: *Business Consulting *Career Development *Personal Branding *Product Marketing *Promotions *Public Relations *Project, Sales, and Communications Management. Enthusiastic, while dedicated to high having integrity, strong work ethic, and great leadership skills. Dynamic, Self-Educated With a Versatile Track Record In Personal and Business Development, Product Marketing, Operations, Strategic Alliance, and Account Management. While Taking Advantage Of My God-Given Talents By Giving Back To My Community And Culture By Curating Ideas, Visions, and Dreams Into Accomplished Goals By Providing Exquisite Support, Industry, and Market Platforms Providing The Required Resources Needed To Create and Build Successful Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Professing Express Rigor  Within The Afro-American Communities Nationwide. Passionate With Exceptional Ability To Recruit and Train Prolific Support Teams Of  Community Leaders, Architects, Successful Business Owners and Strong-Willed Entrepreneurs To Market, Sell And Develop Exquisite Products and Reliable Services Creating A Community FOR US BY US!

Languages: English

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