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Anthony Salcedo

AGS Design

Senior Designer & Creative Director

Tampa, FL, USA

Anthony is available for projects.

About me

Art has always been a major influence in my life, my art career started at a young age. I was a graffiti artist on the streets of Queens, NY trying to find my place as a creative. In the life of a graffiti artist it’s all about who you are and what you have to say. I always felt like I have had something important to say but I’ve never really been an outspoken type of person. I was always able to communicate better through imagery. So I took to the streets and spread my name and my messages on any blank canvas I could find. I firmly believe the strongest messages are the ones that you can portray visually without having to explain. That was one of my greatest strengths as a street artist and what often inspired me to want to create art in the first place. After some maturing, I realized that graffiti and street art shared some similar principles with graphic design and advertising. So I used the skills I acquired from street art and applied them to a more productive career path. I began learning graphic design in my elective classes during high school and was immediately convinced that this was my future. I wanted to know everything I could about design and how it works on a business level, so I enrolled in some precollege courses at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where I studied graphic design, photography, videography and screenwriting. I was taught advanced techniques by some incredible mentors in the industry. After graduating high school, I moved to Tampa to continue my studies at The Art Institute of Tampa. Here I studied graphic design, brand identity, typography, photography, advertising, copywriting and many other mediums. It was here that I really found who I was as designer and gave myself the confidence I needed to succeed in this industry. In college I also started working in the print industry gaining valuable knowledge and connections along the way. I spent over 3 years working as pre/press and print technician. I worked directly with customers from beginning to end, placing their order, setting up for print and making any necessary adjustments or changes. That experience gave me the ability to see both sides of the print process and give me a better understand of an industry that i knew was going to be deeply involved in what I wanted to do. After some time I decided to launch my own business putting all my skills and resources I have gained through my career to provide other businesses and individuals with a hassle free and pleasurable design experience. I love helping instill confidence in fellow business owners so that they can be the most successful versions of themselves and make their brand soar beyond their dreams.

Languages: English

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