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Royal Alikor

My name is Royal Alikor and i love websites! - building, developing and exploring, i love it!

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About me

I am mostly self taught. When it comes to web designing and development, I believe in letting popurse-filled imaginations drive my mind to build dreams into reality, i'm a web designer with over 6 years of professional experience. I have a strong passion for imparting knowledge with 4 year old and counting career as a teacher too, spending 3-5 hrs/day teaching ICT Literacy, web design, networking, programming, and graphics design to kids in Elementary school, whilst the rest of my day is occupied by graphics and web development. I believe that a website is not just an online/internet presence but goes far as being an ambassador of what ever business or entity they represent. Yes when it comes to website; first impression does matter!, which is why i dedicate myself to not just building a website but leaving a landmark with a big story on the web for my clients.

Languages: English

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