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Kevin Biasi

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Kevin is available for projects.

About me

Well, you would have to get to know me to find out who I really am, but the fact of the matter is I am a highly motivated and highly skilled, professional of business and information technology. I am an excellent lead generator, SEO, web developer, graphic designer/artist who can handle any digital marketing campaign including email blasts, on/off page site optimization, content creation/marketing, paid advertising (Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, etc.), social media advertising, link building, data research and analytics, phone systems/leads/tracking, lead generation/tracking, sales & advertising (locally and nationally). This is the type of work that I prefer, but I am now dabbling with some different inventions along with writing songs and producing music (my passion). I am also a major sports fanatic or was at one point, having played a number of sports in high school with offers to play football in college as well. I graduated from Towson University in 2007, but my tech experience goes back to the age of about four when I gained interest in robots from Johnny 5 in Short Circuit and gaming with our old Macintosh computer from the 80s. I decided to pursue technology when I discovered the internet and AOL back in 1996-97, even learned to code and hack at that time, kicking out abusive chatroom bullies, creeps, and weirdos (the organized crime squad of AOL). I developed some skill in Adobe Photoshop, Visual Basic, HTML, and even some Java knowledge in middle school and maintained my skills while concentrating on the business side of things throughout high school into college, where I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Computer Science from Towson University. Since, I have had some struggles but started hot as a software developer for Marathon Data Systems in Wall Township, NJ (now known as WorkWave Technologies). I even started to manage projects and train some of their employees, but became addicted to pain medication and lost my job. Since, I have worked several different IT jobs including fixing computers as a freelancer along with a company in NJ, data mining/analytics for Shell Oil, and many other freelance/contractor positions have been held since. I also have run two semi-successful digital marketing companies with two different partners (one sales/marketing and one disappearing man). Most of our clients came from the medical industry, and the largest was a treatment center for drugs and alcohol in Central Florida where I was able to achieve page one or top ten rankings for many highly-trafficked keywords in that industry, both locally and nationally. Those results along with the rest of their marketing strategies brought in over 10 clients for 8 or 9 out of 10 months on the job. These clients mostly came through leads generated via digital marketing, and I was doing this by myself almost 95% of the time along with many other duties for the fore-mentioned treatment center for men only. Today I hold my head high and I can feel that I can bring a plethora of experience that any company would love to have on their side. However, I would rather just do it myself at this point with strong, skilled, and highly-motivated individuals like myself by my side.

Languages: English

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