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Conor Treacy

Big Red SEO, LLC

We are an SEO Company that has 14+ Years Experience in WordPress

$3,500 minimum


Omaha, Nebraska

Conor is available for projects.

About me

We are an SEO Company in Omaha Nebraska that primarily works with WordPress websites. Our main developer, Conor, has been building websites since 1994, and has been working in SEO almost that long too. Having run a successful web hosting company for 17 years, and then selling it in 2014, we have the unique insight from both a developer and a web host as to how things work on servers. We love face to face meetings at our office in Omaha, or virtual meetings via Skype & Zoom. Google Analytics help, competition research, website audits, SEO audits, web design, PPC configuration/management and individual coaching/consulting are the main items that we offer in our company since 2011. Having been a large agency with 7 employees, we scaled our business DOWN so that it's now a husband and wife team. We are passionate about what we do, and our clients select us for work just as much as we select our clients.

Languages: English

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