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BJ Blackburn

Makin' It Happen, Inc. a Co.

Director Client Services & Product Development

$50 minimum


Savannah, GA, USA

BJ is available for projects.

About me

We all have limited resources, certain capabilities/opportunities, and fear. It sounds like a personal problem, right? Well, it is but... I can help you overcome any fears about leveraging the latest technologies to your advantage and build your confidence so you stand a little taller, perhaps even spark your inner geek. The best part is, it will most likely cost less than a shrink and I can affect a tangible change! Sorry, no couch though. No time for that my friends because we are going to be lazer focused on OPTIMIZING YOUR COMPANY'S TECHNOLOGY AND ONLINE PRESENCE the right way! My goal is nothing more than seeing the faces of our clients after delivery of what once was perceived as out of reach before they met our team. If you have figured out how to turn your computer on and master the mouse, you are ready. From drag and drop website updates to client-based user interfaces (UI) designed for your specific needs, or mantra is Makin' IT (Information technology) Happen - for you or your company. We are so passionate about sharing the availability of these powerful tools and teaching people about how easily they can be used, we had to hire a mascot to champion our ideas and get people excited about the possibilities that are so close and easily in reach of even the greatest of skeptics. We new the nerd squad (excluding me) didn't carry the intensity that the almost silent Jack did, so after a long negotiation, he agreed to be the muscle behind our operation. Still confused? That's normal as it takes time to get used to a logo that doubles as the Chris Kringle of creative internet solutions periodic security specialist. But in his own words, oh how comforting they are too, I know our customers are in good hands when he says relax, we got this. Maybe one day he will do something about the constant, non-filtered camels but don't' fix what's not broken. Well we have to leave some surprises but Jack is known to make offers you can't refuse and we are going to include lessons for you and your staff so you are not married to us for changes - THIS IS YOUR BABY! We will be here in a flash (well not jack) for any problem that might be too much. So, you all should get Jack, he's an open book (technically an inanimate logo) but what about the Captain? The first thing to know about and we will keep this short. Real name is Burchard so if you want to save on your first job, remember to address him as Captain Burchard for a coupon. He is obsessed with anything that is an equalizer meaning that no matter your socioeconomic background, net-worth, or that hard to articulate persona that seems to get people promoted in the usual corporate world, he seeks diversity. He refuses to right any kind of frothy emotional culture in the office and reminds us that culture is simply what we are recognizing, rewarding, or reprimanding. Period. Quick Bio: He has been tinkering with Webdesign since the early 2000's and had one of the first versions of Dreamweaver. at that time. Since then, his passion for helping people find the right solution without breaking their bank has never ceased. He has excelled as an Operations Leader with over 10 years’ experience in the logistics industry, True to our culture, we encourage his enthusiasm like he ours. BJ's contagious enthusiasm accelerates IT/IS and creative e-commerce solutions, services and products for a wide range of customers. Backed by years of experience, in service, Leadership, Analytical Skills, Financial Acumen, Quantitative Data Analysis, and Lean/CI skills Our vision is to integrate you or your company's strengths with the Power of Information Technology and Information Systems. Let us show you how easily you can harness the power of Big Data, AI, Mobile, and more to accelerate your business.

Languages: English

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$0 - $1,499
About 2 weeks
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About 2 weeks
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About a week



August 2019

Working with Bj was very enjoyable. He is easily able to explain how to make a website accessible to my target audience. Highly recommended. Matt B