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Jacqueline Thompson

Heavenly Hands Massage Inc.,

Licensed Massage Therapist

$100 minimum


Nashville, TN, USA

Jacqueline is available for projects.

About me

Hi there I am a licensed massage and the owner of Heavenly Hands Massage. To say the least, we are the best, "heavenly hands heavenly sent" is our standard. For me, massage is an experience and a great therapist or what we like to call "Angel" determines that experience so why just get a massage when you can have a massage experience? We promise you will feel confident who is behind your door! Always greeted with a smile from an Angel and you know what they say....a smile is contagious! Heavenly Hands provides only the best standard of therapist we are the attractive ethical and energetic few. Why get a massage when you can have a massage experience? Now offering Swedish Relaxation Therapeutic Sports Shiatsu and Deep Tissue Massage

Languages: English

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