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Kandice Hutcheson

Horde Marketing

Founder - Horde Marketing

$500 minimum


Monticello, GA, USA

Kandice is available for projects.

About me

Our team, with nearly 20 years of digital marketing experience, has worked with small and large brands on their digital marketing efforts to increase the ROI of their digital marketing efforts through using proven methods. We provide full transparency with every step of every project. This provides accountability and shows our clients exactly what they are getting for their investment. The level of services that Horde Marketing’s clients receive can only be described as ideal and should be the benchmark for every agency a company works with. Interested in learning more about how Horde Marketing can help your business succeed online and increase your ROI? Let us customize your marketing package! Contact us online at or via telephone at 770-713-3782 to discuss your options. We’re looking forward to working with you!

Languages: English

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$1,500 - $4,999
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