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Jo Ward

I'm an alchemist, internet marketer and been making money online since 2008

$1,000 minimum


United Kingdom

Jo is available for projects.

About me

Im a lifestyle online marketer and teach people how to make money online. Ideal for those who wish to work for themselves and be a self sufficient digital entrepreneur, whilst having time to do what you love. As you can see from my picture i love being on my boats and swimming, water is my vibe! A typical creative pisces! I was an international marketer in the fashion industry for many years, travelling the world and managing large budgets, a team of people, delivering marketing and pr success globally. From Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, S. Korea, New York, Paris, Germany, Italy, India and of course London my home town. Being passionate about the the environment i was delighted to use my skills to help eco friendly Tencel to take its fibre producing factories from 50% capacity to full capacity within 1 year. I have a gift in being able to take the complex and translate it so it can be understand by many! Since working for myself, i have made money online in many ways including: Facebook Ads, Domain Flipping, Building websites, Amazon Fulfilment, Ebay, Etsy, Book Publishing, Affiliate Marketing, Online Course. * I was one of the first to advertise on facebook when there was only 1 type of facebook ad! * Ive bought domains at $10 and sold them for $2000 * Ive published a book on Amazon about Buddhism for my local doctor * Become the go to person for creating website for thai massage. Ive built 15 thai massage websites, and helped them go from a few customers to super busy! * Local car garage asked me to help rescue their website, i managed to negotiate and reclaim their domain name which is their brand and put a website on it driving local search for key terms people search for, increasing their business sales and retaining a 35 year old family business. So, lovely to help a good business to thrive again. * Ive sold on Amazon and Ebay for over 10 years. Importing new products and selling them. I love this model as its pretty much passive income as all my Amazon products are with Amazon fullfilment. My products are shipped to USA, Russia, Australia, Europe and South America, a truly global business, helping people enjoy the products they purchase. My products have been featured in international films, used in museums, teaching aids in schools, and even enjoyed by royalty! * Australia called and paid for myself and a colleague to go to Australia to design 5 websites, we filmed the key people, the production process and launched the websites to be found on google for their very niche business. * Ive taught on webinars how to build local business websites, this was before most people even knew what a webinar was! * My favourite software to build websites are: Shopify, WooCommerce, Wordpress, Clickfunnels * What i love to do is look at a product or a website and instantly know what needs to be done to market it. It is my gift. Strategy is my love. My time is valuable, so if you wish for my eyes to do some magic with your business, give me a ring.

Languages: English

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