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Jennifer Irwin

Jenn Irwin Design

Helping Small Business Grow

Cedar Park, TX, United States

Jennifer is available for projects.

About me

We take ideas and work them into a tangible marketing asset, something you can use to keep your company front of mind for your customers. If you don't know where to begin, we are happy to come up with the ideas! Our marketing expertise can help your business flourish, at affordable, set prices. Our clients can allocate their funds according to priority and then budget for future needs. We aim to take the stress out of marketing, while your business sees the benefits from a great brand and marketing plan. Some of the things we'd love to get started for you include: Brand Identity: Logos, Colors, Taglines. Defining your Target Audience, Mission Statements, Competition, Unique Benefits, Brand Personality, Integration Customer Retention: Email Campaigns, Consistent Branding across all platforms, Promoting Word of Mouth Website Design: Nothing shows off your business like a professional website that is custom fit to portray your ideals perfectly. Digital & Print Design: From digital ads, email templates and campaigns to brochures and business cards, we can design them all! Marketing and design are my passion. They combine all the things I love the most in life (well, second to my kids, husband and family, I guess). Creating marketing for others lets me use my love of all things technological, learning about people and how or why they react to things, helping others, learning new things and just being creative. These things truly feed my soul. I don't believe there is any other career that would make me so happy. My true link to marketing is understanding consumers. I love to learn about why people react to colors, shapes, words and products the way they do. Learning to take that information and display it in a way to best target your ideal customers is fascinating to me. I am excited to share my passion, especially with folks who may not find it as fun as I do, who are building amazing companies and products.

Languages: English

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