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Jeramy Gordon

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Jeramy Gordon is Chief Content Officer for the Lorem Ipsum Company

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About me

Jeramy Gordon is owner and Chief Content Officer for Lorem Ipsum Company, a boutique digital marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses generate traffic and grow revenue through storytelling. Jeramy estimates he has written tens of thousands of pieces of content over the past 16 years, including this bio. He is a lifelong entrepreneur, who has started several businesses, including three daily newspapers and a weekly real estate publication. Jeramy’s career started when he landed a job as a newspaper reporter at a small newspaper in the San Francisco Bay Area in order to pay his college tuition. By graduation, Jeramy was managing an entire chain of free daily newspapers. In 2005, at the age of 22, he helped launched the East Bay Daily News for newspaper giant Knight Rider before starting his own publishing company — NODROG Publications. (That’s Gordon backwards). Once out on his own, Jeramy founded the Santa Barbara Daily Sound in 2006, the San Francisco Daily in 2007, and the Montecito Messenger, a weekly real estate publication, in 2011. In 2012, Jeramy shifted his content passions from journalism to marketing when he launched Lorem Ipsum Company. Lorem Ipsum Company is based in Lake Forest where Jeramy lives with his wife and two children. When Jeramy’s not busy writing or starting businesses, he can be found doing burpees and thrusters at his local Crossfit gym, running on the treadmill at OrangeTheory or flying his drone around his neighborhood.

Languages: English

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