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Mark Kemp

Dynamics Tech

Mark, and I'm passionate about small businesses and technology

Leicester, UK

Mark is available for projects.

About me

I help new and small size business grow. Focusing on your goals and aspirations, your problems, and your needs. In business, this relates to administration, sales, marketing, customer service, your productivity and work-life balance. As well, I'm a Microsoft Small Business Partner Sales Specialist. Areas of interest include solutions to help you grow efficiently, connect with customers, safeguard your business, help you do business anywhere, and move to the cloud with modern solutions. My services include Web Design & Development, Corporate Photography, Ariel Drone Photography, Digital Marketing, CRM, Mobile Apps, SEO, Consultancy and Support, which can include 24/7 support. My photography work is only for UK clients and excludes travel costs. The products I sell and can work on are Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Azure, Skype for Business, WordPress websites, Instapage, Shopify, Domain names, hosting, etc. In other words, all the tools, solutions and services a forward thinking person or business needs to succeed.

Languages: English

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April 2017

The website was dedicated for my father’s work and life as a former trade union leader, activist and politician. The main objective is to have an online database where his journey and work can be found and a...MoreThe website was dedicated for my father’s work and life as a former trade union leader, activist and politician. The main objective is to have an online database where his journey and work can be found and accessed by anyone who is interested. I needed to have a website designed for my father who was assassinated 20 years ago, therefore all of his work, press release, videos, interviews were done an era before internet and digital media took over the communication market. I needed a professional that can offer a design that goes with the era we are living in, but is sympathetic to the time my father lived and can reflect his hard work and tells his story in a way current generation would be interested in and my father’s generation would find accessible and easy. I came across Dynamics Tech on GoDaddy website after I bought the domain name and web-space. I decided to give them a call to discuss my project that was overdue by then and had to be delivered in less than two weeks. After a lengthy discussion I decided to go ahead and give them the project. The questions that I was asked were a reflection that this company understand what web design is about and what the current market needs to make a successful website fit for purpose. I was also satisfied that the company did pick up that the website is a big project and cannot be all done in the time frame I suggested, and therefore should be split into two parts. I also liked the friendly approach and the suggestions I was given and the precise information I was asked to provide has set the project on the right track. Dynamics Tech have a professional approach in involving the client every step on the way, sharing ideas and suggestions and collecting my feedback before making adjustments to the design. I also found them very reassuring and confident which took the worry of the website being delivered on time off my shoulders, and I was only left to think about what I actually wanted to go on the website. The service was uniquely tailored to the needs of my project, and the advice and collaboration made possible for a unique website to be achieved. The company staff took real interest in the project and did everything to understand my father’s work and the impact that it had at the time he was alive and the impact it might have when this project is finished. The final design was reached after lots of other designs were discussed and shared with me, and the final felt the fruit of lots research to make the website right for its target audience. The impressive thing is the commitment of Dynamics Tech when it got to deliver the project on time, and the respect they and patience they showed all the way. They went an extra mile of spending the whole night working on it to be able to deliver the website on the day that coincide with my father’s 20th anniversary. My experience with Dynamics Tech was fantastic and I am definitely choosing them for the next stage of my father’s website, and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional, personalised and friendly service. Less