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Matt Elizondo

Tech & Design Services

Matt Elizondo: Artist. Father. Student. Teacher. Geeky. Funny. Sometimes Cheesy. Passionate. Diverse. Compassionate. Cool af.

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United States

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About me

I've always had a passion for art for as long as I can remember. I revel in every chance I get to express my imagination. I enjoy learning new things and keeping my creative skills fresh. I have an extensive artistic background and I am skilled in a variety art forms. My education and experience allows me to offer some cool techniques, tips, and tricks you'll love to take advantage of. My concentrated interest has recently become digital production. I've been traveling a bit, and it's easy to take that type of work on the go with me. Today you can find me rendering beautiful home designs for Matlock Construction Services, creating my own work for, or managing my newly founded online artist community ( It was designed to give artists a free platform for exposure, some valuable tools and resources, and a place to network with other creative minds. It seems to be making some positive growth quickly and I appreciate all the support it's received so far. I believe our imagination is what makes each of us infinite and our independent creativity can never be truly measured. The potential for any artist is vastly unlimited. Art is indeed supposed to make you feel something, but more than that, it's sometimes about what it's creator was feeling. Art is an act of expression and creativity to deliver a personal message. Every artist is unique, each with his or her own technique.

Languages: English, Español

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