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Mr Right

Mr.Right Gmcfr

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About me

BIOGRAPHY Mr. Right GMCFR as we all know real name is ESIMEKARA FRANKLIN ELOCHUKWU MARTINS CHINWENDU. He is a native of Umunabochi Umuhu-Okabia Orsu L.G.A in Imo State. FAMILY LIFE Mr. Right gmcfr was born on 11th April, 1997 in a wealth and royal family of High Chief Dr Aloysius Esiemekara Chineke and Mrs. Lolo Nkeiruka Juliet Esimekara. His father married two wives and Mr. Right was the first son from his own mother’s womb where he senior two girls. It wasn’t easy growing up in such family of two wives. EARLY LIFE Mr. Right gmcfr was surrounded with five siblings. It wasn.t easy for him living in such family he is a multitalented person he was an author, poeter,a script writer, actor, a graphic/website designer, an actor, a music producer, an instrumentalist, an architectural/interior and exterior designer just to mention but few and he was born in Awada Obosi Onitsha in Anambra State and he grew up there before he relocated to Lagos in search of green pasture. EDUCATION Mr. Right gmcfr studied in Logos International Nursery and Primary School Awo-Omamna Imo State during his school days he was the labour prefect in his time in school ,due to his zeal in the things of God and his ambition, he enroll to Bonus Pastor seminary Osina where he school his JSS1,2,3 and moved towards the senior class at St. Mary’s Seminary School Umuowa after which he went for his spiritual year but couldn’t further more again because of some certain reasons best known to him when he later went to Nnamdi Azikwe University (Unizike) which he finished and still further more. CARIER Mr. Right gmcfr (aka the man for the ladies or the Right man for the ladies) is a stage name which he obtained due to his multitalented status he started his carrier from a tender age having passion for nature, music and happiness his parents or the whole family there were no music or comedian but inherited it from his mother’s place, he started by learning the piano, lead guitar, bass, drums, flute etc., he enter the movie industry when he first future in a movie titled “a seconds mistake” and so on he continued to be seen in so many movies then before he decided to have his own household name due to some challenges he faced back then, he went ahead and registered his own household name “Mr. Right Concept Com Ent.” Which he was the C.E.O and he also opened a TV known as “Mr. Right Concept Tv” or “Mr. Right Tv” he started doing small small comedy clips and in 2015 he released his first album which he titled “You Alone” which has other of his songs included in it. He later went ahead introducing his own brand known as “the genesis of Mr. Right gmcfr brouhahou” and since then have been into existence till date but before it came into existence he was doing a sub-brand known as Mr. Right and friends I mic/1 stage which he always do before or after his main event or brand. He later did some movies titled ” the genesis, the adventures of Mr. Right, too late, if am to make a wish, our land of hope, the sins of our forefathers” etc., he has gotten so many credits and awards to his name even till date. Due to his zeal and love for nature, God and humanity at large he intend to open a foundation which he called “the future builders foundations. He also have a team known as “Mr. Right and the dynamic team” which he formed and the are dynamic in nature the do all sort of things like, sing all types of music of any kind, the act etc. The also do all sort of things to their credits. Mr. Right went ahead to sign some gospel artist into his record label and he also do an open mic challenge which he titled “Dynamic challenge with Mr. Right” which after the end he chooses the first runner in in music and comedy aspect and sign them into his record label and which others he enroll them in his foundation for further training and knowledge to grow more in their skills his has been till date. FAVOURITE QUOTES 1. When grace finds a man his replaceable because irreplaceable and unfathomable for people to do without. 2. When you find yourself in the mist of people the same level with you try to be dynamic in nature and create a difference because you difference will make them to come looking for you. 3. Do not allow the circumstances of your present situations to way you down rather way the situation down itself. 4. When success hits you by surprise be dynamic in nature Mr. right gmcfr said.. “If am to summarize myself in a nut shell or in a simply word I will say I AM DYNAMIC IN NATURE”. HOBBIES I love music because is my life and the food of the soul. I love reading histories. I love to play the instruments, etc. RELATIONSHIP “Hmm………. I am in an open relationship anyway.” MENTORS Well I grew up seeing so many people in the industry I could say one thing for sure is that everybody has its own pattern of doing things and this are serious competition in the industry. In my music aspect I could say I love Frank Edwards and Don Moen because they do my pattern and I look up to them. In comedy aspect I looked forward to Basket Mouth and Akpororo, I love this guys because the y do what I like intimidate of Akpororo I love him because he puts God first and which putting God first is my priority and Basket Mouth his pattern of doing thing and having ambitions for international standard. Etc.

Languages: English, Français, Italiano

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