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Naman Ambavi


I'm a Front-End Web Developer


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About me

I am Naman, a 17 year old front-end developer and designer, based in India. The first time I got acquainted to coding and web development was in 2016 in a local tech contest in Mumbai, India where I was familiarised with HTML & CSS. This 2-day event made me fall in love with coding. Digging further, I researched about JavaScript. This just made me even more euphoric to learn more about web developing. That is when my journey commenced. I am still learning advanced frameworks of JavaScript along with some other programming languages. I have specialised in front-end web design, web database management and sometimes I also take up UI/UX design for webapps and mobile applications. Currently, I am working on my own personal brand website along with few other personal as well as client projects.

Languages: English, Français, हिंदी

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$0 - $1,499
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