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Taylor Jones

NexGen Solutions LLC.


$100 minimum



Taylor is available for projects.

About me

Taylor is the epitome of a Digital Native. Having been born in the latter days of Dial-Up, flip phones and floppy disks there wasn't much of a choice in growing up surrounded by ever-evolving technologies. As the youngest son of two long-time small business owners who opened up shop in 1975 (remember what a type writer is?), he has been privvy to the evolution of technology's effect on small business and has first-hand witnessed how some small businesses will need to make drastic changes to adapt and overcome the turbulence of their larger competitors. Taylor is a creative individual with an apt for the convolution of Design, Developement and Implementation. With his roots in web development early on in life and latest experience in design, development and marketing within the ever-evolving and highly competitive automotive industry - Taylor is determined to assist you in realizing your vision - whether it's a fresh new look or a game-changing application that changes the way consumers interact with your business forever.

Languages: English

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