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Radoslav Angelov


Hi! I’m Raddy, a Full-Stack web developer based in Worcester, UK. Having built websites that have reached millions, I also have a passion for business and always try to produce work that is profitable, clean and functional.

$500 minimum


United Kingdom

Radoslav is available for projects.

About me

I’ve designed all sort of projects for all sort of clients, and my main goal has being to create relevant, functional and efficient websites that sell, market and promote. To achieve this I typically design in Photoshop and develop development in-browser with hand-coded HTML and CSS and as of lately I create most of the websites in WordPress. In this type of work every single detail matters – typography, images, proportions, colours, structure, content… All details should be synchronised to build quality UI & UX. I have good experience with working with clients and I believe that one of my strongest points is that I always put myself in my client’s shoes, but also in the shoes of the end user. Creating hand coded websites is my passion and I always work towards perfection, giving that extra care. I believe that giving that extra care does make a difference.

Languages: English

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$1,500 - $4,999
About 13 weeks
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About 4 weeks
About 5 weeks