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Raymond Spears Independent Consultant


United States, Church Hill, Tennessee 37642

Raymond is available for projects.

About me

Raymond Spears is currently the owner of Prior to that, Mr. Spears was the Chief Information Officer and Director of Management Information Systems at Unaka Company, a privately held company in Greeneville, TN ( a very diversified company with subsidiaries providing contract manufacturing, manufacture of consumer goods, food processing for packaged foods distribution, public warehousing, corporate office space rental. During Mr. Spears time at Unaka (1/2005-12/2015) he was responsible for the implementation of various ERP systems corporate wide. Below a list of major accomplishments at Unaka. ∙ Implementation of INFOR XA Release 6, 7 and 9 on site IBM AS400 for Meco (a Unaka company) ∙ Implementation of INFOR XA Release 6, 7 and 9 on site IBM AS400 for Unaka Corporate Offices ∙ Implementation of Ross Systems I-renaissance 6.5 on site Microsoft SQL Server platform at Sopakco Packaging ∙ Development and Implementation of custom written RPG400 code for Sopakco Distribution public warehousing software specify for Sopakco and its customers utilizing Electronic Data Interchange ∙ Development of Electronic Data Interchange for all Unaka locations partnering with Extol ∙ Move all Microsoft Exchange servers to a cloud location by partnering with Claris Networks of Knoxville, TN ∙ Move all phone systems to a cloud location by partnering with Ideacomm of Knoxville, TN ∙ Source and develop a corporate wide financial reporting system, partnering with Global Systems, Winston/Salem, NC ∙ Barcode data collection for various plant locations, partnering with T.L. Ashford and Barcode/400 10/2002 – 1/2005 Mr. Spears worked as a commissioned sales account executive for Kenneth G. Way Company ( a privately held company in Chattanooga, TN a solution provider and remarketers of IBM AS400 hardware and software solutions. During his time with KgW, Mr. Spears sold hardware and implemented software solutions that ran on IBM hardware. Provided software support for KgW as requested by the customer. Mr. Spears had customers from Ringgold, GA to Roanoke, VA and Ashville, NC to Crossville, TN. Some of his major customers included below. ∙ American Light Pole Company, Abington, VA ∙ International Playing Card and Label Company, Rogersville, TN ∙ Meco Corporation, Greeneville, TN 5/1998 – 10/2002 Mr. Spears worked as Manager of Management Information Systems, York International, Bristol Compressor division in Bristol, VA. A manufacturer of compressors for the air conditioning heat pump industry. Mr. Spears responsibility at Bristol was to oversee the I.T. staff of five for two locations in Bristol, VA and Sparta, NC. In addition his core responsibility was to ensure the new software just purchase was implemented correctly (Infor XA Release 6) and in a timely manner before year end 1999 in preparation for year 2000 date requirements. The go live date was 12/31/1999 for all locations and twelve Infor XA applications including MRP, EDI and Electronic Commerce, all were successful and on schedule. The year 2000 date was a none issue on go live. In addition barcode shop floor data collection was implemented with automated shipping document generation, (bills of lading, packing slips, labels). 10/1994 – 10/1998 Mr. Spears worked as Manager of Information Technologies at International Playing Card and Label Company a privately held company in Rogersville, TN a package printing company focused on the tobacco industry printing needs. While working with IPC&L Mr. Spears developed a barcode shop floor reporting system that interfaced directly with the Infor XA product IPC&L had been running for many years. This reporting system also generated documents and data specifically required by IPC&L’s number one customer Philp Morris, Inc. The reports and pallet labels down to the unit on the pallet was labeled. This is very unique because in the tobacco industry one incorrect label can cost the supplier thousands of dollars much like the auto industry on a recall. While the labor reporting and label printing where originally a customer request Mr. Spears and IPC&L turned it into a workflow requirement for all reporting in production and accounting at all IPC&L locations. It was eventually implemented for all IPC&L customers tobacco and non-tobacco industry customers. 10/1991 – 10/1994 Mr. Spears worked as a consultant for Manufacturing Systems, Inc. of Knoxville, TN a IBM business partner marketing IBM AS400 and what was IBM Mapics Software (now Infor XA). Mr. Spears working a long with an IBM sales and marketing specialist to ensure each customer was satisfied with the product. In addition any modifications or additional software changes were preformed by Mr. Spears along with others at MSI. 10/1988 – 10/1991 Mr. Spears worked as Manager of Data Processing at Avery Dennison/IPC of Rogersville, TN a part of Avery Dennison of Framingham, MA a printer of tobacco industry products (Later became IPC&L again). While here Mr. Spears primary responsibility was to re-implement Ma ics and upgrade it to Mapics XA release 4. Also to move Electronic Data Interchange from a personal computer application to an IBM AS400 application. 10/1984 – 10/1988 Mr. Spears held the position of Manager of Data Processing for ZoneAire Corporation, Johnson City, TN a heat pump manufacturer for hotel and motel industry, owned by KeepRite Corporation, London, Ontario, Canada. Mr. Spears primary responsibility was to acquire a computer system and software for manufacturing and accounting, everything was on a manual paper system. Within one year an IBM System 36 and Mapics II software was purchased and implemented with great success with help from IBM and a consulting company MSI of Knoxville. 10/1978 – 10/1984 Mr. Spears held his first position in I.T. he took a job as Programmer/Supervisor at Hoover Ball of Erwin, TN a division of Hoover Universal a ball and bearing manufacture with corporate offices in Ann Harbor, MI. Mr. Spears primary responsibility was to supervise the keypunch operations, computer operator and write RPG, Cobol computer code for the all custom code shop running on a Honeywell 1120 computer. Hoover had just purchased a new computer system a Honeywell Level 62. Mr. Spears was charged with converting the manufacturing system running on the Honeywell 1120 to run on the Level 62. While this 1978 – 79 conversion was Mr. Spears first programming job it turned out a success and paved to road for a long career in I.T. Before leaving Hoover in 1983 all custom code was converted again this time to an IBM System 38 again a success. But the company decided to move I.T. to Cumming, GA. Mr. Spears decided to look for more work local in support for his young family and stay in the area. 9/1972 – 10/1978 Mr. Spears worked as a Pressman Apprentice for Arcata Graphics, Kingsport, TN a printing company, with corporate offices in San Jose, CA. This was Mr. Spears second employment with Arcata since returning from U.S. Army duty. While working all shifts Mr. Spears attended Steed College, a local private college with a special computer systems program for G.I. bill eligible students which Mr. Spears took advantage of for three years. Upon graduation Mr. Spears received an Associate of Science degree in Data Processing Management. 11/1969 – 8/1972 Mr. Spears served his country in the U.S. Army, with training at Fort Bliss, TX for air defense artillery (Nike Hercules System) and Radio Controlled Aerial Target System (RCATS) or drones as we call them today. While in the U.S. Army, Mr. Spears married the love of his life Annis Christian and took her off the El Paso, (Fort Bliss) with him. They lived off base until their return to life in east Tennessee in August of 1972 they have one son Jason born June 16, 1976 with Tennessee Eastman. Annis is retired from Arcata Graphics, Mr. Spears is retired from Unaka Company and enjoying building websites, woodworking (see his website and helping those in I.T. that are less fortunate that he is to be retired and enjoying every minute. 6/1968 – 11/1969 Mr. Spears worked for Arcata Graphics as a Bindery Helper until he was drafted and later joined the U.S. Army for a three year tour of duty with an early out that returned him to Arcata Graphics. 9/1966 – 11/1968 Mr. Spears worked as a detailer for a local Chrysler dealership Alley Motor Company while attending high school and majoring in marketing. 8/1964 – 5/1968 Mr. Spears attended high school at Church Hill High School graduating in May of 1968. As mentioned early Mr. Spears was educated at a private college, Steed College, Johnson City, TN with campus in Johnson City and Kingsport, TN graduating with an Associate of Science degree in Data Processing Management while working at Arcata Graphics as a pressman. Upon graduating Mr. Spears began a job search which landed his first programming job at Hoover Ball (see above). Mr. Spears has started many user groups for the IBM AS400 and Infor XA software he has many years knowledge working with XA. He is pass president of MEMUG (Mountain Empire Mapics User Group). Currently a member of XAIUG (XA Integrator User Group

Languages: English

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