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Shaira Vargas

Shaira Vargas



Shaira is available for projects.

About me

Who is Shaira Vargas? You could describe me as a technophile and a mouse potato. I did not expect myself that I will be a person who will have her Laptop as a best friend someday as I am someone who is very afraid to touch computers and don't know how to use Google when I was in High School. Nevertheless, I also did not expect that I will took a course that is related to computers and technology. From an early age, I can be found at my computer for a variety of pursuits. Communication and creativity mesh beautifully on the Internet, and that captivates me. When I was in College, I suddenly knew that my ideal job would be a bundle of online activities – but not only did I know that! As a result of my integral zest for freedom and flexibility, I also aspired to be my own boss. WHO AM I, AND WHY I DO BELIEVE TO BE A GOOD CHOICE ON THIS MATTER? Coding Websites and applications, playing with spreadsheets and making people to be amazed by my PowerPoint presentations had been my passion since College. I enjoyed my 2-year course even if it was not really my choice as I don't have any plans to go to College back then due to my family's financial difficulties. Luckily, I was able to enroll to a school that we can afford and I worked as a part-time Computer Shop Personnel and Car Wash Girl on my brother's Car Machine Shop. This is for me to have some small income for school and can help my family to survive everyday. Life was not easy, but I worked very hard and finish school. And entered the world of Call Center / BPO at the age of 18. I tried to apply on several companies, but I'm always got rejected. One of the reasons that I think of is because I wasn't confident to myself at all. But I still tried and got hired on my first ever full-time job. For my 5-year career in different companies, I was able to discover my self more and helped me to become a better person. Working on a call center for 5 years was not easy. But I just don't want to be contented on the setup. I just want to look for a new challenge and also for a better career growth opportunities. After searching on the internet, I found that a work from home job is a very challenging task and it is out of my usual office-or-cubicle setup. And also there's a lot of benefits on working from home like competitive salary, no traffic, more time to spend on your family and for yourself. So, I want to give it a shot. DISCCOVERING MYSELF THAT I CAN BE A VA, TOO! The many-sided character of the VA profession is also the character I see in myself. I am a visual person and an active planner, have detailed ideas and a goal-oriented mind that is eager to step into a certain business, in the virtual sense of the word. I am also a true fan of lists. Not just to-do lists – in fact, I make lists for everything, something I’m sure my clients can attest!

Languages: Filipino, English

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