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Sharen Siera

BGMedia Division of S and A Global Consulting Firm

Executive Producer - Business & Personal Brand Strategist

$300 minimum



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About me

My career started in sports media and public relations. Along the way, I established myself as a Brand Strategist for individuals and companies in a variety of industries. With the onset of technology, I met Bob Parsons, Founder of GoDaddy, after several times hearing him talk about why began to equip myself with tech and digital value asset tools. On the lighter side, I would facilitate workshops and seminars on several contemporary and relevant topics with a focus of winning/succeeding in life by seeking joy. Seek joy in your interpersonal relationships, career, community, family, and especially oneself. Equip with tools to work with Global brands; I was recruited to produce content for a licensed digital media startup in Phoenix, WePlay Media. The project is 'Ask Steve' (TM) Harvey for daytime tv show Steve Harvey licensed agreement with then Endemol Shine USA. While I have always had the good fortune to have an amazing and talented team of graphic designers, developers, marketing, web designers, editors I have learned to be able to direct a group of 50 I need to be versed in the how and what of each area of the project. Which is how I round my way to Godaddy Pro, I can design, write content, create the vision for the entire process from concept to launch. When complete, I can design the app, which works as an additional content tool to keep the consumer/customer in step with the brand.

Languages: English, Deutsch

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