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Subodh Kc

King Caliber LLC

Wordpress Website Development and Seo freelancer for small business

Dallas, TX, USA

Subodh is available for projects.

About me

LA Tech Graduate (Master (c) & Bachelors(14)) with Over 7-years of Corporate Experience just set loose to live his Entrepreneurial Dream. UNLIKE OTHER FREELANCER, I am in this for the long run and will be here to respond back to you when you need me. I am in this full time and also have started a small company in Dallas. I am an entrepreneur myself and I am not here to waste your time or mine, I understand your concern for quality work and deadline. I assure you on both as I will not apply to jobs that I am not confident at. My name is Kc Subodh. Below in the Portfolio section, there is my personal website. I am working on my Book "Small Business Tech" For now, You can read my blog post by linked to my personal website. I am La Tech Graduate ( MSc Engineering and Technolgy Management (Thesis), Bsc Computer Information System ) I worked for various Corporate before deciding to burn down the suite and start a business to help small business. Contact me to discuss your project I can help you set up your website. Do Seo for your website. Improve the loading speed of your website. Setup server for your website. Install Free Custom SSL Certificates. Malware removal from the website. Improve the security of your website. I offer a custom package to my clients depending upon the requirement. I am known for providing DIY solutions to my client. But that is what my goal is, help them grow and they will come back to you. Most developers just make the website but they don't know about the requirement of the server needed for the web traffic. or they might not know how to develop relational Database but thats not the case with me because. Web development and Seo is my passion but along with that, I have other skills and experience too that helps me to analyze the website from 360 angles. and improve the server config, the load balancing, the javascript minify, Buckets for apps, etc. My Professional experience: Just to show other skills I Possess ➢ Ability to review, analyze, and drive existing process technologies with a goal of Continuously Improving the yield, increase Production line efficiency (eliminate manual command, data inputs, data gathering automation, etc. via automation), and lean manufacturing process (SIX SIGMA Green Belt) ➢ Professional Experience developing a website in various platforms like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla etc ➢ Improved website Traffic using Search Engine Optimization tools and Plugins. ➢ Expert in Reverse Engineering to Troubleshoot and analyze the feasible solution. ➢ Served as a central point of contact to the Director and responsible for preparation of various reports, presentations, and agendas. ➢ Expert in Decision and Prediction analysis models to evaluate any solutions or products. ➢ Expert in Analyzing data from a different perspective and summarizing it into meaningful patterns or correlation to increase the revenue or to cut the cost. ➢ Expert in Disaster recovery creating including Security Risk Evaluation, threat profile classification, contingency planning, continuity operation planning, contingency planning, and incident reporting ➢ Excellent command over Object Oriented Programming. ➢ Strong front-end UI development skills using scripting languages like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Jquery. ➢ Experienced in Advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as Prototype, Ext JS, Angular JS, Node JS and Object-oriented programing in JS ➢ Performed complete application life cycle functions from conception to final release to users including Design/Analysis, Implementation, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance for a POS system and ticketing system. ➢ Writing complex SQL queries from multiple Relational Database for ad-hoc requests. ➢ Experienced in analyzing data in stores (T-SQL, jobs, Stored-procedures, and queries) to fix Data Corruption. ➢ Created Request for proposal for Networking of Houston Hobby Lobby Airport. ➢ Created football goal scoring game using Scratch. ➢ Created Chabot for Facebook messenger. ➢ Extensive research skills and knowledge of Digital marketing. ➢ Good knowledge regarding DevOps environment and confidence working with various DevOps tools like Puppet, Docker, Chef and GIT. ➢ Experienced working on various Environment like Red Hat Linux, CentOS, AIX, Windows and Mainframe (Stratus VOS) ➢ Experienced in Manufacturing Execution System Application setup, deployment and support. ➢ Experienced in Monitoring and troubleshooting Web applications. ➢ Experienced on using Kibana, Nagios, AppDynamics and Alert site to Monitor/Troubleshoot production issues efficiently. ➢ Used scripting language; Shell, Bash, Perl, Python and Ruby to automate the jobs

Languages: English

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$1,500 - $4,999
About 2 weeks