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Sunita sahni(lecturer)TAB

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About me

The Academy of Biology (TAB) a premier coaching institute which is specialized in biology subject has been producing outstanding results in both school board & medical competitive exam along-with inculcating confidence and logical thinking in medical students. At TAB we constantly provide healthy competitive environment taking care of every students individual needs, strengthen and weakness. Biology is a vast subject which cannot be handled just by learning it but by living it hence, we, at our institute, conduct practicals and aid teaching with numerous relative examples to build crystal clear concepts. Success in Medical Entrance Exam in such stiff and cut throat competition, demands for planned approach. Developing such approach not only requires dedication and hardwork on students part, but also proper guidance and training from mentor. Lecturer Mrs. Sunita sahni has more than 20 years of teaching experience as well as holding two M.Sc degrees (i.e. M.Sc Biotech & M.Sc Zoology). She clearly believes in creative thinking over rot learning Her logical explanation and in-depth knowledge of the subject, coupled with her skill to motivate students make every student realize and believe in his/her capabilities and internally motivates them to achieve their aim. “I feel satisfied when students whom I’ve encouraged, creates something new with his/her talent”  Sunita sahni(lecturer)TAB

Languages: English, हिंदी

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