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Mike Widener

UX Design™, LLC

Multimedia Designer

$1,000 minimum


Rockville, Maryland, United States

Mike is available for projects.

About me

UX Design™ LLC is my new company name but my work is the same as it's been since 1997 (20+ years). Have you ever viewed a video game online? To see how it looks? Guess who innovated that approach? We did. We're called UX Design™ because we've been user-friendly since researching your goals back in 1995 and inventing the first international, commercial, website in Internet-history that streamed videos of game-play. Our site is linked in's patent document for video streaming and we have the newspapwer article to prove we did this. Work with a leader in listening to site users and authentically finding out what they want, not just responses to surveys. User-friendliness is about helping end users do what they need. After you find that out, you can decide to do it or not. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can do two things at once: satisfy your user while satisfying budget reduction. The two don't always go hand in hand, especially if you try doing them at the same time.

Languages: English

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$1,500 - $4,999
About 30 weeks
$0 - $1,499
About a week
About 12 weeks
$0 - $1,499
About 12 weeks