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Robin Reath

Starlotusgoddess/Sister Robin

Robin is available for projects.

About me

A known Psychic and Empath since childhood. Growing up in the eighties and the only girl out of 4 boys in a busy household. I started to explore my gifts early on in my childhood. Being looked upon as a weird one out of all the siblings, talking to myself and dancing with doors. I consistently had my own entertainment. As a clairvoyant at a early age I was hearing spirits talk to me and guide me along my daily life. So of course it was weird to my brothers and others as I grew. My gifts grew and because when you are younger your more susceptible to the metaphysical world and the spiritual world. As I continue to grow, my gifts grew as well, but the outside world was not so kind to what I had as a gift and my intuitive nature scared most. I was refered to as a Witch. That I started to adapt as an Aquarian was an in acquired acknowledgment of my gifts and who I really was suppose to be at a Early age. Again the outside world, worldly matters and other judgemental ways deterred me away from my gifts. I remained very into the the ,metaphysical world, getting tarot card readings for myself all through out my life. During a paid personal reading my reader remind me of my gifts. He said to me one day; " why do you come and get readings when you can do this yourself and you already know your own answers"? I was like Wow how he know;.. duh He is a Psychic and a Pisces one of the other very intuitive sign next to Aquarius. I was married at this time and he didn't tell me things that I needed to know about my husband. My ex husband was very emotionally abusive and mentally challenging . As a empath I attracted a man that needed healing all the times and in / on all levels. After numerous attempts to reconcile the Marriage that was a lost hope; I got to a place where I had to tap into myself and gain myself worth. I got back into a place of meditation and solitude. I learned to get back into my intuitive nature. I started to see patterns of numbers more and more. I started to see they were messages from the Divine guiding me along the ways back to the Divine Source of God/ Goddess being and insight. I started Women of creations to support my group of sisters that tap into their goddess being within self and heal and guide their communities, family and other sisters along the way. All the Women in the sister hood has endured some trauma in their lives as I did ; over and over again. The final trauma pushed me into A Ultimate stages of healing thyself ,regaining my gifts and powers and wanting to assist with others and the aspect of healing. A true healer can not heal others until they heal thyself. Started back to Tarot very heavily after leaving my abusive relationships and following the signs and synchronicities.

Languages: English, Español

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