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Martin Crosby

the Yovo foundation

I work in Resource Adjustment. I am the Owner and Primary Founder.

Navajo Nation, USA

Martin is available for projects.

About me

I haphazardly understand the trials and difficulties that one with disabilities have. My own health history and current position with my medical concerns put the limitations that mental and physical disabilities have as anchors. In trying to have my health concerns change is always in need of support and understanding. They all are not curable, only managed and with a constant need of updating many specialized fields of medicine. I enjoy helping people and working in an inclusive and familiar setting. But, as of now any allotment of productivity is a blessing. I cannot say I can compare completely to others that have more need of help. Its true, I can only comprehend any individuals' hardship, as superficial as that sounds as what I have been through as a relating effort to perceive their efforts. Help is help. but , only if it doesn't become a standard value which, often than not becomes its own bane. With light and positive energy, we are in it together.

Languages: English

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